This plugin makes it easy to work with people's names. Simply provide a first and last name and get a bunch of common name formats to pick from. This is useful because now you no longer have to store multiple fields just to display a full name or some initials later.


Just head over to the link below to install the plugin to your bubble app!

Person name Plugin for Bubble, by Minimum Studio

How to use

Add element to page

Start by adding the Name element to the page. You can put it anywhere on the page but we recommend putting it close to the other elements that reference it.


Set up the parameters

Simply set the **First Name** and **Last Name** parameters. In this example, we're taking these values from the currently logged in user. Of course, this will work with any other text as well.


Do something with the output

Now we can start building our expressions by referencing the Name element on the page.

In the example on the right we're setting up a text element to show the user's full name.


Demo & Editor

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